The Rigolet Food Sharing Project was led by Kaitlyn Finner, a master’s student in the Department of Geography at McGill University.

During August, September and November of 2013, community members documented all market and wild foods that passed through their homes. In January of 2014, Kaitlyn and community research assistant Inez Shiwak met with community members to hear their reflections on the food inventory forms and process.

From May 2013 to May 2014, community members participated in photo card interviews and four sets of food inventories to assist the research team in characterizing Rigolet’s food system. During February 2015, Kaitlyn Finner and community-based researchers Inez Shiwak and Lisa Palliser-Bennett met with community members in Rigolet, Nunatsivut to hear their perspectives on food inventories and phone card interviews that were conducted over the course of the year. The research team worked to better characterize Rigolet’s food system, and understand how participatory methods can be further adapted for future food-related research in Rigolet and other interested communities.

Kaitlyn spent spent February of 2016 in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut sharing the findings of her Masters research with residents of the Labrador community. Findings of this project were shared with the community through pamphlets delivered to households and at an open house held on February 25th

The project in numbers:
16 Weeks of food inventories
27 Households
48 Participants
72 Photo cards
1,051 Wild food entries
14,969 Store food items

Despite stormy weather over 50 residents stopped by for a bowl of soup, and to hear more and discuss the project! In summary, this research engaged the community to identify the current state of its food system and helped to form the groundwork for the IFS3 program.


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