Food is Belonging

This video depicts the importance of traditional food systems to the Inuit people of Iqaluit. Fishing and hunting amid the ice are community activities that strengthen support networks and provide a natural, safe, and healthy diet.

This video was filmed, produced and edited by Dylan Clark (November 2015)

Jennifer Corriero, Executive Director, TakingITGlobal
Jamie Bell, Arctic College
Dr. Andrea Breen, University of Guelph
Deb Viel, Supervisor of Public Health, GN Health
Keith Collier, Hamlet of Arviat
Charmaine Koomak, Arviat Film Society
Samuel Pauppa, Arviat Film Society
Ethan Tassiuk, Arviat Film Society
Ruth Kaviok, Arviat Film Society
Bridgette Brittney Alikasua
Celina Alikashuaq
Lois Suluk (Arviat TV)
Patricia Kablutsiaq (JAHS Student)

Special Guests Include:
Dr. Zacharias Kunuk, O.C., Isuma TV;
Tamar Mukjunik, NAC Office Administration Program;
Byron White, Nunavut Teacher Education Program/URegina (Arviat);
Stephen Snowball, Nunavut Teacher Education Program/URegina (Hall Beach)
Albert Sulurayok, `NAC Adult Educator (Arviat)
Kim Dymond, JAHS Connected North Program

Food is Belonging on Vimeo.

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