CC-IFS3 Principal Investigator, Dr. Patricia Garcia, was named the Minister of Health for Peru on July 28, 2016.  

Dr. Garcia’s health priorities as the new Minister of Health are outlined in an article recently published in the Lancet.  The article opens by setting the Peruvian health stage, outlining health-related challenges, including environmental health challenges, including food availability and safety in the Amazon.  Then, the article outlines Dr. Garcia’s priorities as the new Minister, including an emphasis on women in the Amazonian, as well as using innovative app technologies to promote health, which nicely reflect her role in the CC-IFS3 program.  The article can be accessed here.

Dr. Garcia was the former Chair of Peru’s National Institute of Health, as well as the Dean of the School of Public Health.

We are excited to work with Dr. Garcia in her new role.  We look forward to the contributions she will make to the intersectoral CC-IFSprogram, as she transitions from a program academic-investigator to a Principal Knowledge User.

Congratulations Patty!


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